Remember why you’re here. You’re going to be more successful at quitting if you create a plan. Here are some things you can add to your checklist to get started:

Set a quit date.

Get all tobacco products including e-cigarettes and anything related to tobacco, like lighters and ashtrays, out of your house.

Avoid places where you used to smoke or vape. Spend time in tobacco-free places.

Take advantage of various quit medications. This includes nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges. These options can double your likelihood of successfully quitting.

Write down the reasons why you are quitting.

Learn to fight cravings.


  1. We all know other smokers. Make an effort to avoid socializing when others are smoking or vaping since it will make you crave a cigarette even more.
  2. If you have a trigger that gets you craving that cigarette, like drinking your morning cup of coffee or driving in a car, try mixing it up. Consider putting your pack of cigarettes or vapes in the trunk of your car or switching to tea to take away that trigger that makes you want to light up.
  3. Occupy your mouth. When a craving hits, use gum, mints, a straw, or a toothpick to occupy your mouth.
  4. Picture it. Put a photo of what you're going to buy with your savings on your phone so that you're reminded of what you're working toward.


Check out the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's five reasons why calling a quitline can help you stop using tobacco products.
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